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Ur Wire Guy, Inc.

DBA: Ur Wire Guy



Ur Wire Guy, Inc. is a structured cabling contractor that specializes in the design and installation of structured cabling systems to provide comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. We can provide these systems for voice and data networks, Wi-Fi, TV cabling and all IP technology systems. From data centers to hospitals to small businesses, our team provides expert  commercial low voltage wiring for every size job. Whether you are installing a new structured cabling system, upgrading your current system, or doing a complete move – Ur Wire Guy, Inc. can take care of your low voltage installation services.



UWG provides Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) by deploying network antennas throughout a building for wireless carriers. With today’s data hungry devices and data streaming services strangling Wi-Fi networks and causing bottlenecks for wireless carriers, a dedicated DAS solution can make a big difference.


Not only do we offer the structured cabling installations, we also provide the expert design and engineering support that is built around your project for maximum efficiency. We handle any moves, additions, or changes that may arise – even after the project is done. The UWG team provides field testing and documentation to assure every detail of the job is seamless.


Every minute of the day, your business relies on technology to keep it operating and advancing forward. Here at UWG, we understand that communications and IT systems are an integral component of any business, which is why we are always ten steps ahead to maximize your technology and training in receiving cutting edge technology and services.

We have your next Low Voltage system or infrastructure project covered.

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